An Ultimate Guide: Video Marketing On Instagram

Did you realise that every month there are 1 billion people using Instagram? In addition, 50% of these accounts see daily activity! More and more people are using Instagram, which means more companies, including your rivals, are beginning to take Instagram seriously.

You may not be aware, but Instagram videos are also rapidly growing in popularity. The introduction of Instagram Stories, IGTV, and video advertisements has contributed to an increase in the popularity of video on the platform.

Consider the benefits of Instagram video marketing as you make your decision. Now is the moment for marketers to use video to communicate their story; here are five compelling arguments for why Instagram is the ideal platform.

Instagram is the perfect platform to get discoverable

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said in January 2018 that a whopping 66 percent of those who check out a company’s Instagram page don’t end up following that firm. A few months ago, Facebook revealed that 20% of all Instagram usage occurs in the Explore section. There’s no denying that Instagram is a major brand discovery and customer research platform.

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, a video is worth even more than that. Video allows you to present your unique brand, group, and story in an engaging format. The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) produced this film that serves as a good illustration.

JGI began posting square videos on Instagram after experimenting with them in the Facebook Feed and finding that they generated more engagement than landscape films. This Animoto film, which tells the tale of a chimpanzee named George who was saved by JGI, has been seen over 800,000. Considering that JGI has roughly 550k Instagram followers, this is a remarkable achievement. With this video, JGI was able to capture the attention of Instagram users all across the world in under 60 seconds.

Instagram video is popular among consumers

In our yearly study, we always inquire as to whether or not customers have recently made a purchase after seeing a video for a particular company on one of the many social media sites. Our research conducted in October 2018 found that Instagram had the highest percentage increase in sales made owing to video across all platforms.

Influence of Social Media on Consumer Spending

In addition, respondents to the same poll had strong preferences for the type of social media material they most like to see from companies. In the end, video was the victor. Instagram users who want to stand out from the crowd may consider including video marketing into their strategy.

Videos would go well on Instagram’s feed

According to the same poll, 32% of customers glance at a brand’s social media accounts before checking out their website, and 73% say a company’s social media presence influences their buying decisions.

The feed is a terrific way to represent who you are as a brand, and video allows you a tremendous opportunity to stand out from other forms of content in the feed, knowing that the majority of people finding your business on Instagram aren’t following you yet.

You may reach new consumers who aren’t even looking for you by utilising hashtags in your subtitles, taking advantage of the geolocation tools, and tagging persons and profiles in your videos.

For highly visual firms that may benefit from showing a before and after comparison or many items, video marketing is a no-brainer. Video is especially useful in businesses where images play a significant role, such as real estate, fashion and beauty, photography, and others.

Instagram Stories present chances for engagement and conversion

In a survey conducted in the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom, one third of daily active Instagram users reported being “more interested in a brand or product after seeing it on Instagram Stories.” It’s obvious that buyers do their pre-purchase research on Stories.

In addition, 47% of Instagram users who responded to our poll reported having fun watching video advertising in Stories.

You may have doubts about using video in your Instagram ads. Look at this new research.

Quinty, a platform for analysing social media, conducted extensive analysis of Instagram. Photos remain the most popular post type, but the analysis of more than 9 million posts revealed that video may garner up to 21% more interactions than photographs on Instagram.

Since video content generates more interactions and your competitors may not be using it, you have a great chance to set yourself apart and grow your business.

Instagram Video Marketing: How to Get Started?

There’s no better time than now to jump on the Instagram bandwagon because the platform will continue to draw more users in 2019. These are some suggestions:

To begin with, mobile. Because Instagram is a mobile app, it is essential that videos be either square or vertical.
Compare and contrast the Feed and the Stories, and learn the subtle distinctions between them. For instance, although the Feed remains mostly silent, roughly 65% of Instagram Stories are viewed with sound enabled.
Utilise hash tags. You may increase the number of people who see your Instagram posts by include relevant hashtags, locations, and tagging other relevant Instagram accounts.
Make use of specific audiences with your marketing. Advertise on Instagram Stories and the Instagram Feed to get in front of a certain audience.