Everything You Need to Know About Twitch Marketing in 2023

Now more than ever, individuals of all ages and with all sorts of hobbies can find one other through social media.

It’s apparent that users are experimenting with everything from micro-text to photos to voice on platforms like Facebook and Clubhouse, but video consistently emerges as the most popular medium. The appeal of video content lies in its ability to appeal to a wide range of viewers. The reason why apps like TikTok and Instagram Stories become so popular

Live video usage increased during the epidemic, and advertisers jumped on the bandwagon to reach their target demographics. However, are businesses overlooking a major marketing platform designed specifically for videos? In case you haven’t guessed, we’re talking about the streaming service Twitch. What Twitch witnessed in Q3 of 2021

  • Received 5.79 billion watching hours.
  • accumulated 41.5 million customers in the US
  • enjoy a 22% market share of the money made by gaming video content.
  • If you’re still reading this, it’s because you see the potential of Twitch as a promotional channel for your company.

Make sure your brand plan includes Twitch Marketing.

In need of some Twitch education?

Since its launch in and subsequent acquisition by Amazon, Twitch has gained massive popularity among gamers and e-sports fans. Indeed, it keeps expanding. This, if anything, demonstrates the breadth of possibilities offered by Twitch.

Marketers often overlook the fact that Twitch viewers are interested in a wide variety of content types outside gaming, including ASMR, music, art, and DIY. Dedicated conversational channels exist. Twitch may have a home for your specialty no matter how small it is. Naturally, that may also leave you wondering how popular Twitch is in countries other than the United States.

Here is how Statista says Twitch expanded throughout the epidemic, demonstrating the platform’s ability to play a major role in the development of other brands. The typical user is between the ages of 16 and 24, making this demographic the most receptive to persuasion and ideal for maximising content consumption and subsequent action.

However, Twitch has a growing following that spans the mid-thirties, making it as adaptable as any other platform.

Brands and content makers may have a lot of laughs with this demographic by making material that appeals to them.

Twitch Marketing

To put it simply, Twitch Marketing is optimising your product, service, or brand via the use of Twitch’s resources. Instead of a traditional social media network, think of Twitch as the largest interactive Influencer platform. The live streaming capabilities of the platform make it ideal for broadcasting video and audio in real time, such as podcasts.

Knowing the three tiers of a Twitch content provider can benefit you as a marketer:

Streamer \sAffiliate \sPartner
Each tier has its own set of perks for those who decide to upgrade.

What are some strategies for promoting the Twitch name?

The growing popularity of Twitch shows that the platform’s marketing is revolutionising more than just the gaming industry. Let’s investigate the potential of Twitch Marketing for your company’s image.

Marketing using Twitch Influencers

Twitch is used by thousands of broadcasters, some of whom have over a million viewers. As a result, influencer marketing on Twitch is a perfect fit.

Twitch content creators may grow online subcultures by catering to a certain audience in a specific specialty. In turn, this opens the door to further benefits, privileges, and perks.

For maximum brand exposure, companies might recruit successful streamers. You may include this partnership into your marketing plan anyway you see fit depending on the nature of your product, the extent of the collaboration, and the depth of your mutual understanding.

Twitch Influencer Marketing is the most popular kind of partnership, and it is used for a wide variety of purposes, such as product unboxing, product reviews, giveaways, and announcements.

KFC teamed up with Twitch influencer Lupo to launch a live stream tournament in which the two played PUBG as Lupo made frequent allusions to “Gotta grab that chicken” to sell KFC’s wings. KFC!

Advertisements on Twitch

Advertising on Twitch may appear risky, but it may turn out to have unexpected rewards. Brands may choose between banner advertisements and in-stream ads while promoting their products on Twitch.

Only certain Twitch channels may display Twitch Video advertisements, therefore a content producer or broadcaster will need to become a Twitch Partner in order to display ads on their channel. Ads can be inserted before, during, or after a stream, depending on when a creator typically sees the most engagement.

All commercials on Twitch, however, need to be engaging and entertaining to attract the attention of the platform’s younger audience.

To promote its chicken wings, KFC teamed up with popular Twitch streamer Lupo and his friend Anthony Kongphan. The influencers then hosted a KFC-sponsored, interactive live broadcast competition by playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Branded Twitch Channel

The creation of a Twitch brand channel is a great way to raise your company’s profile. Live broadcasts may be hosted on a branded channel and made available to present and future consumers.

Having a dedicated Twitch audience can increase your reach and engagement, but it can also give your campaigns and content an air of exclusivity. When you create a Twitch banner, you can show your viewers exactly what they can expect.

Topics to Consider for Brand Promotion on Twitch

If you’re curious in the possibilities of a service like Twitch, read on! When that happens, you’ll be in our hands. The following is a list of content formats that brands may utilise on Twitch.

Inform your target market on what you have to offer.
Using engaging content, you can win over readers.
Discourse on current affairs and happenings in your field.
Include exclusive deals, coupons, and promotions that can’t be found anywhere else.
Yep! That’s how simple Twitch advertising really is. Finding the right Twitter streamer or influencer is all that’s needed to make it a hit.

Twitch Advertising – Pros

Twitch Brands and Twitch Influencers may enjoy a number of benefits from using Twitch, some of which are detailed below.

Utilize the current to your benefit: Benefiting from the immediacy of live video streaming, this attribute creates a fear of missing out (FOMO) among viewers. Instagram highlight reels are time-sensitive and need extensive editing, whereas this material may be created whenever it’s convenient for you. Because of the nature of streaming, you can be completely authentic in your presentation.

Make money from your content: Twitch may be a lucrative resource for influencers looking to monetize their online presence. This also allows companies to build relationships with Twitch streamers and perhaps develop a “Ambassador” to represent the company or a group of influencers who would promote the brand on their channels in exchange for financial compensation from both Twitch and the company.

Being owned by Amazon raises the question of whether or not there will be an e-commerce tie-in for Twitch in the future; if so, having already established your brand’s presence on the platform would position you to be among the first to take advantage of this. Crossing my fingers…

Twitch Marketing – Cons

Based on what has been said, it appears that Twitch is a promising option. However, there are always thorns where roses are.

This article will discuss the drawbacks of Twitch Influencer Marketing (hopefully, just for now)

Audience Age Group: Most Twitch users are under the age of 35 since that’s how the material is seen to be streamed on the network. As a result, companies whose potential customers include those over the age of 35 will have a harder time narrowing down on them.

Brand analytics: while Twitch creator analytics are helpful for Twitch Influencer Marketing, they haven’t proven to be all that useful for actual brands and campaigns. Brands can’t always tell if their marketing strategy was effective because of this mismatch.

Since Twitch is a live streaming service, viewers are expected to tune in at the time of broadcast; as a result, there is no way to see previously broadcast episodes. After the stream has ended, however, there is no record of it and no way to replay it on the service.