Ranking the top social media customer service tools

There has been an increase in the prevalence of social media capabilities on customer relationship management software (CRM) and social media management tools (SMM) since social media emerged as the preferred channel for consumers to have their concerns handled.

There are benefits and drawbacks to using both CRM and the Social Tool. Originally, customer relationship management (CRM) software served as a ticketing system. The programme has evolved over the years to include a wide range of connectors and to deliver new types of CRM analytics. When publishing on social media became more critical, many instruments emerged to facilitate this process. These aided in content creation and scheduling, and some of them even included customer relationship management functions for social media.

This article will include customer relationship management (CRM) software, as well as social media management (SMM) systems, that consolidate your communication with clients across many platforms into a single interface.

CRM Applications

Sales tools, email ticketing systems, and comprehensive business solutions are just some of the many additional common uses for these programmes. Features geared towards customer relationship management via social media are a nice addition.


Previously known as Freshdesk, Freshworks is intuitive customer relationship management and sales automation software. They provide email ticketing, chat and messengers, cloud telephony, online, self-service, and social media interfaces for customer relationship management. They also have a social signals monitor, a Twitter listening tool. It alerts you when there are significant tweets to read. You may sort incoming tickets by channel and reply to them in record time using the filters on their dashboard. They also have additional filters such as labels, priority, and status.


Zendesk’s offerings cover the spectrum of customer service, from help desk software to customer relationship management and sales tools. You may also manage all your social comments and direct messages from within their single agent workplace. In the same vein as Zendesk, which is widely used and has a straightforward UI, Slack is a popular piece of software. Moreover, they feature in-built intelligence that can notify the most competent agent of a problem.


This SaaS provides access to a wide variety of useful applications for conducting business online. Sales are where Zoho CRM really shines, but the platform’s Omnichannel functionality provides a centralised hub for all your company’s social network interactions. The most popular ones on Zoho are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but they support all the major ones. The user interface is also incredibly polished and simple to use.


When using several social media accounts with LiveAgent, all of your messages will be received in one central inbox. Agent assignments and distributions can be automated based on your selection of triggers and criteria. Because of the integrated nature of this software, your agents will be able to route tickets to different teams if necessary. Each ticket may be customised with a unique set of labels, a priority level, and a status.


Among customer relationship management programmes, Salesforce is the most popular. Its interface and seamless connections make it simple to use and learn. The Salesforce Social Studio is their social customer relationship management tool. Here you may manage all of your connected social media accounts and reply to comments and messages. You may filter tickets or cases on their service interface. There are things like channels, case status, priority, and time/date stamps.

Devices for Managing Social Media

Software and solutions like these exist to facilitate the work of a social media manager. In order to cover all of their bases on the social front, they had to incorporate publishing, listening, analytics, and social customer relationship management.


Agorapulse is a robust platform for controlling your social media accounts. Agorapulse’s Social Media Inbox is a great tool for dealing with customer relationship management tasks. To manage and allocate tickets, you may do it right here in this Inbox. You may also leave messages and comments on the tickets. You can avoid missing any feedback on your ads by syncing them across Facebook and Instagram. They include a one-click translations tool in addition to inbox filters and canned responses.


Although Sproutsocial has all the features of a full-fledged social media management kit, its primary strengths lie in the areas of social listening and analytics. They do, however, offer a centralised inbox for handling social CRM. When the volume of communications suddenly spikes, you’ll get a warning. Time like this may be used to anticipate potential bottlenecks and make preparations accordingly. You can effortlessly filter incoming messages and forward them to the appropriate staff members.