5 Successful TikTok Marketing Campaign Ideas

The social media landscape has shifted from one based on a social model to one based on content. Listeners these days want stories that speak directly to them. They want material that speaks to their specific passions and hobbies. The success of TikTok is a prime example of this phenomenon.

TikTok is flooded with user-generated content because Gen Z values brands that are vision-driven and trustworthy and enjoys content that speaks to their interests.
TikTok is a central location for UGC distribution and discovery due to its emphasis on short videos. Its content-creation capabilities make it a one-stop shop for launching a successful advertising campaign.

Successful Marketing Efforts on TikTok That Will Stick With You Forever

TikTok is the original ad platform, predating Instagram reels and YouTube shorts. With over a billion unique users per month, your company has a great chance of succeeding.

Advertisements by various brands that have been featured on the video sharing platform TikTok are provided below.


When it comes to marketing on TikTok, Chipotle has become an industry leader over time. The first major fast food chain to launch an official TikTok account was them. They’ve had success so far with content that makes viewers think.

About 111,000 video entries were received in response to their lid-flip challenge. By working with YouTuber David Dobrik, they saw massive success. It was a Chipotle challenge, like the #Guacdance challenge.


Another well-known company whose success on social media can be attributed to their mascot, Duo the Owl. The trend began when internet users portrayed Duo The Owl in a negative light and began making jokes about him. This is because Duolingo will remind you to finish your lessons if you don’t.

They didn’t take offence, but rather embraced the humour and began creating similar TikToks. In order to promote their mascot, they decided to portray it as a comical yet sinister figure that will track you down if you:

  • Learn everything you can.
  • To translate, use Google.
  • Assorted other relevant matters.

The popularity of their brand among the TikTok community increased rapidly. Brands should take note: engaging with young people is a surefire way to increase name recognition.

Hair by JVN

The Queer Eye Celeb, created by Jonathan Van Ness, has amassed a sizable following on the video-sharing platform TikTok. They started by uploading product demonstrations, before-and-afters, comedic shorts, and relatable skits.

You can see how people from all walks of life put their own spin on their products by following their profile feed. Come as you are is a catchphrase in their bio, which is another way in which they appeal to their readers’ sense of individuality. That sums up everyone’s individual taste exactly.


We’re all aware of the impactful potential of user-generated content, and now the UGC hub itself—GoPro—has arrived. Their wares are made for the kinds of exciting moments that people love to record on film. They travel the world filming their outdoor antics. Their YouTube channel was packed with user-generated content (UGC) that promoted GoPro and its quality before TikTok.

After amassing over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, they quickly found success on TikTok. Each group took the same tact. Videos are submitted by users through a designated section of the website; winners receive bragging rights, merchandise, cash prizes, and more.


breaking away from the mainstream and a world saturated with electronic messages, false news, social media updates, etc. To slow down and feel like it’s 5 o’clock on a Friday, every day, is why Chubbies were created. They were “Friday at 5 o’clock’s original outfitters,” after all.

What they offer is casual menswear that brings out the best in people by emphasising their individuality and diversity. To promote their products, they re-post short videos of real people using those products and having fun.

They also work with a wide variety of well-known and lesser-known creators who make content in their style. Plus-size teens repurpose this material on TikTok to highlight their unique personalities and active interests.

In just the first six months of advertising on TikTok, popular fitness brand GymShark gain more followers. They appeal to gym rats by posting humorous and approachable fitness content, as well as shorter videos about workout challenges and motivational health journeys.

Glamorous Jones Road

In an effort to cater to a wide range of customers, this cosmetics company formulates products for a wide variety of skin tones and textures. For them to stand out in the TikTok beauty market, where competition is fierce, they’ve found that posting videos of real women using their products is the best way to connect with their target demographic.

They frequently work together with the account of their founder, which has been instrumental to their success. They invest about $4500 daily in TikTok campaigns, and they would not be successful without the organic UGC content that accounts for 34% of their TikTok income.

The Kardashian-Jenner dynasty is a major clientele for shapewear company SKIMS SKIMS. It wasn’t just Kim’s influence that propelled them to early success; they also used aggressive marketing to get their product in front of lots of people.

TikTok is a platform where they employ influencer marketing and rely heavily on content creators to supply user-generated content.


You can now consider them a lifestyle brand in addition to selling high-quality sun protection products. The customers are taught thanks to their fun collaborations and partnerships for user-generated content (UGC) and social proof. Their methods have made them an industry standard, despite all the competition.

It’s no surprise that Supergoop would love TikTok! In which opinion leaders educate their audiences about why SPF is crucial.


Here on the blog, we went over some incredible case studies of successful social proof strategies, user-generated content (UGC) sharing incentives, and the outcomes of marketing campaigns.