Here Are 10 Examples Of Successful Online Marketing Campaigns

Just 4.48 billion out of a total global population of 7.9 billion actually use social media. If that’s true, then more than half of humanity is active on some form of social media. That’s why it’s so important in the age of digital media as a marketing tool.

Data shows that the typical user now spends over two hours every day on social media. Most people spend far more time than that glued to their social media accounts. It’s no surprise that advertisers are always looking for fresh concepts for social media campaigns.

Some firms have developed great campaigns that have pushed them into the spotlight, while others are still struggling to break through on social media. Because of these promotions, they were able to raise brand awareness and ultimately boost sales.

If you’re still scratching your head about how to approach social media, consider these five outstanding campaigns as inspiration.

1. DistanceDance

A chain of phone calls served as the catalyst for the entire campaign. Ohio Governor Michael DeWine was concerned that young people in his state weren’t practising social distance, so he phoned P&G’s CEO, David Tylor.

P&G showed how a company may advance its CSR initiatives and expand its brand recognition objectives simultaneously.

2. Secondly, Kitty,

Audiences were immediately drawn in by the film’s clever storyline, and Friskies and Buzzfeed went on to exploit the ad to launch a viral video series.

The video series demonstrated that comedic material is the most effective way to attract viewers.

3. What’s Your Name?

To demonstrate their support for the Mermaid community, many people have posted photos of themselves with cookies shaped like mermaid tails with the hashtag #mertailcookies. The use of that hashtag also served as a means of financial support for the group.

Marketers should be abreast of current events and utilise their influence to remove taboos.

4. ShotOniPhone

Involving your target audience through user-generated content may be quite effective.

5. MoonPieToTheMoon2024

Businesses may differentiate their messaging by using current events to generate compelling storylines.

6. The Sleeping TV

Providing something truly original and out of the ordinary for your audience can help you stand out from the pack.

7. BigGameColorCommentary

Marketers need to find ways to keep their brand message consistent on social media even during major events.

8. ShowUs

Getting your customers to feel invested in your brand’s values may be accomplished through strategic marketing. Customers are more likely to remain loyal to your brand if their beliefs are consistent with yours.

9. Choose Outdoors

Businesses should take a position for their values, even if they run counter to the prevailing consensus.

10. Countdown:CouldUseABeer

As it turns out, this campaign has taught us a few of things. One is that freebies are a fantastic strategy for raising brand awareness. Marketers should also take note of and capitalise on whatever is currently happening on social media.

Lessons Learned

Most social media efforts fail because they aren’t properly planned and executed on time. Several of these initiatives have shown, however, that it’s okay to join the crowd occasionally. You shouldn’t be scared to try something new, use the influence of social media stars, or go against the grain. Because the only limitation to your social media success is your imagination.