How To Maximize Engagement Rate On Instagram?

When putting out new music, your ultimate goal should be to reach the widest potential audience. However, competition is fierce because streaming services add thousands of new music every day. What could be better than social media to help you get your name out there? Today, we’ll be discussing strategies for attracting more followers to your Instagram account, the platform where you can do the most work on your public persona, brand, music promotion, and fan base.

You are a brand, and social networks are responsible for 77.4 percent of brand awareness, according to research by Social Media Trends. Reaching a wider audience (63.2%), more readers (50.3%), and buyers (48.5%) are all possible outcomes of improved audience involvement. With this information in mind, promoting a musical production without first seeking out a suitable audience would be fruitless. When done right, social media can serve as a true hub for connecting musicians with their fans. The wider the audience, the more likely your song will be shared widely and heard.

The key to attracting more followers on Instagram is to be consistent

Being physically active is on the ‘net. Creating a buffer of Instagram posts in advance is a fantastic strategy for keeping your audience interested and involved. You undoubtedly have a wealth of material to present and discuss. This way, your fans can see as your music project develops over time. You may grow your fan base by giving them exclusive access to your rehearsals, recording sessions, album releases, live performances, and more.

Prioritise video while posting online

Instagram has had to make changes to compete with other social media platforms that emphasise video (most notably, TikTok). So, prioritise video content if you’re hoping to increase interaction on Instagram.

According to research by HubSpot, Instagram videos can generate twice as much interaction as images.

Instagram is a huge social media platform with a wide variety of forms to try. Think about it! Try out Reels, Instagram’s primary means of broadcasting, which is a content format centred on short films.

Since Reels is a more recent platform, posts in that format tend to have a wider audience. Instagram’s “explore” tab is a typical landing spot for Reels, meaning more people will see your video and be exposed to your music.

You’re not limited to shorter lengths if you want to post videos; but, lengthier videos tend to have lesser interaction.

Live broadcasts, in which the host allows for complete spontaneity, the distribution of special content, and the fielding of queries from viewers, are another popular choice.

Create new tales frequently

Instagram stories are a great method to get more people interested in what you’re doing on the platform. A low engagement rate is the result of a lack of activity on Instagram.

One of the best ways to connect with your listeners and bring them closer to you and your music is to share personal tales with them. Connecting with your audience and developing a solid rapport with them is crucial. The more accessible you are, the more invested your readers will be in what you have to say.

Stories can be responded to in a number of ways, including through emoji reactions, written responses, and, more recently, “likes.” Obviously, the more your followers engage with your content, the more your take will be understood by Instagram, and the further your postings will travel.

Someone can respond to one of your stories much more quickly and easily than they can to a post in their news feed. You should expect a smaller audience for your Instagram posts if you don’t take use of stories.

For greater interaction, you need more relevant material

An Instagram feed that consistently features high-quality posts is a sign of success. So, if you want to keep your Instagram followers engaged, one wonderful strategy is to practise content creation marketing and make posts that are very valuable to your followers.

You need to address the idea of reciprocity if you want your audience to participate. If you give your Instagram followers what they want, you’ll see a rise in interaction from them.

In order to gain followers, you must provide them with value. Don’t use your Instagram account as a billboard for your album. Connect with your audience by sharing candid moments from your life, offering helpful tips, documenting your accomplishments and failures, and revealing your innermost thoughts.

Always answer your fans; doing so increases engagement with your Instagram account

Instagram uses comments as a primary engagement metric. Therefore, the greater the number of comments on your posts, the more Instagram will share them. You may learn a lot about your audience’s reaction to your posts by reading the comments they leave.

When you first submit material to Instagram, just 20% of your followers will see it. As your audience engages with your post, Instagram will learn to recognise its importance and start sharing it with more people.

To that end, quickly respond to your followers when you can. Instagram’s algorithm does not know if a comment comes from a different account or not. Therefore, you’re helping to promote engagement by doubling the amount of comments by reacting to your followers (in addition to interacting with them and demonstrating your gratitude for their support of your music project).