8 Link Building Strategies To Get Backlinks

Want to keep your site at the top of search results with innovative link development techniques?

Awesome. If you’re just starting off, you’ll find 9 link-building methods here that you might not have considered previously.

In addition, innovative takes on tried-and-true link-building tactics like guest posting (for intermediate and advanced SEOs).

Let’s get started if you’re eager to check out some concrete 2023 techniques worth implementing.

Compile Market Research Data

Edit rather than compose. 

Very simple.

Why, therefore, do businesses keep records?

To back up their articles, publishers need dependable sources. They care about doing their readers a favour by providing the most recent research available on the subject at hand.

When they need to cite something, they just conduct a Google search and pull the relevant results. Then they’ll include a reference to it in their writing.

Make References to Other Sources

Obtaining high-quality backlinks without constant manual outreach attempts can be accomplished through the use of an antiquated technique known as “link attraction.”

Instead of you having to actively seek for link partners, you will find that other writers will start linking to your work because they see its value to their audience.

Attracting links requires putting out content in a quotable way.

Without articles, media outlets are unlikely to feature your site. After all, they wouldn’t know what page to link to.

Citable content forms don’t need to be long-form like the trendy skyscraper method.

Mini-articles optimised for rapid answers are the emphasis of this content approach.

Long-form information isn’t expected to be relevant for every search query. You’ll find a collection of little pieces of content instead, each of which should be able to handle a single question.

Alliances for Content

When it comes to establishing backlinks, relationships matter most.

Getting more backlinks is lot simpler if the person you’re reaching out to already knows who you are.

If people discover and appreciate your content or brand, your job becomes much easier.

This is how content collaborations function.

To attract potential linkers, you can utilise your site assets.

The approach behind this content cooperation is similar to that of link exchange.

By exchanging links, two related websites can increase their visibility to a larger audience.

The Use of Tailored Guest Posts

In 2023, guest posting remains an efficient method of increasing inbound links.


Targeted visitors might be attracted to your site through guest articles.

Additionally, pages that are linked to from guest pieces benefit from the contextual links.

There are guest blogging initiatives that fail to provide results, but there are also guest blogging programmes that continue to see positive outcomes over time.

The effectiveness of these guest blogging initiatives can be attributed to two factors:

Accuracy and motive.

Accurate guest posting reaches its intended readers exclusively.

People listening to what you have to say who actually care. Prospective customers who are likely to visit your brand for the first time.

Put Out Polls

New backlinks can be added weekly to survey content.

The reason it works is because reporters naturally seek out news.

They will gladly feature your surveys provided you provide them with exclusive access to valuable data.

Publish surveys now, please.

Google Consumer Surveys is a tool that may be used to do research and gather data. User data can be sorted by a variety of demographic categories. (age, location, gender, etc..).

Questions should be relevant to the brand’s focus.

Making catchy headlines is essential to the success of linkable surveys.

Reconstructing a Broken Link

When a webmaster reports a broken link on their site, broken link building, or BLB for short, suggests a suitable alternative.

This is the most efficient method, as it provides additional value by updating the website with new, more useful and helpful materials (including your content).

Ahrefs’ Content Explorer can let you do this on a large scale.

Use the “Title” search filter and put in your topic together with keywords like “resources” or “links.”

The tool now returns results from online libraries and other useful sites.

Get in touch, inform them of the mistakes, and offer suitable alternative links.

Link Reclamation

Products and services are discussed. However, they don’t always remember to provide references when doing so.

Here’s when the concept of “link reclamation” comes in handy.

The term “link reclamation” describes the process of regaining broken links or unlinked mentions of your brand.

When compared to other link building tactics, link reclamation typically yields the highest link placement rate.


They are familiar with your company and may have even consumed your products.

Large company names that are cited frequently online often benefit from link reclamation.

You may use it for smaller websites, and if you do it right, it can help you gain more relevant backlinks to your most vital content.


Data visualisation tools like infographics can boost traffic, inbound links, and search engine rankings for a site’s target keywords.

Infographics can be used for link building successfully even today.

Don’t waste your time with farm sites or infographic submission services that won’t increase your content’s visibility or traffic. Try submitting your infographics to blogs that are actually read by your target audience.

The greater your attention to detail throughout implementation, the greater your link building success.

So, why are infographics so popular now?

Infographics may be a powerful tool when used to supplement your main informative content source. In instead of a single, lengthy infographic, this strengthens the entire piece.

In summary, your link-building strategy needs some work.

No single approach is suitable for every circumstance.

You need to try it out for yourself to see if it works for your brand.

Create a case study demonstrating the success of your preferred link-building tactics.

Enhance it further if it works well.

In the year 2023, this is how you improve your link-building skills.

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