Instagram Marketing Strategies To Enhance Engagement

Instagram has over 1.2 billion users globally, and every day, millions of visually appealing photos are published to the platform.

New statistics show that 60% of Instagrammers have found new brands through the app. Marketers who wish to promote their items and generate substantial interest and purchases must use this platform.

Instagram content, in particular, receives more likes, comments, and shares than that uploaded on any other social network.

From their 17 million followers, Facebook recorded 940 likes, 42 comments, and 33 shares.
Eight million users engaged with the tweet, including 70 retweets, 156 likes, and 7 responses.
There were 7,234 likes and 40 comments on Instagram from a total of 19.5 million users.
Even though the brand had a similar number of followers on Instagram and Facebook, the image received seven times as much engagement on Instagram.

With over 2 million companies already using Instagram for promotional purposes, standing out from the crowd can be challenging.

In this piece, we’ll go over seven Instagram growth tactics that will aid in increasing your audience and driving more business.

Five tried-and-true methods for expanding your brand’s Instagram following

Improve your Instagram presence by implementing these proven methods for expanding your audience.

Learn all the different classification systems and algorithms that Instagram uses

Users’ feeds are prioritised and filtered based on each social media platform’s own algorithm. Instagram keeps tabs on a number of metrics in order to boost the profile of posted content.

Consequently, knowing Instagram’s classifiers, processes, and algorithms is essential for making posts that get the most likes, comments, and purchases. This method for expanding one’s Instagram following makes use of nothing but Instagram’s own algorithms.

Make material that has clear goals and is worth saving in several ways

Instagram ‘Saves’ that allow users to bookmark and return to previously viewed content are a strong sign of the content’s emotional resonance. The number of “Saves” an item receives is indicative of its high quality and should increase its visibility in the user’s feed.

Read this helpful article by tips4ielts. Those who find this content useful can save it by tapping the bookmark symbol in the upper right. Creating material of this quality can increase engagement with your brand, which in turn can increase trust and rapport with your target audience.

Connect with prominent Instagram users who share your topic and work together with them

Experts in a particular field, these social media “influencers” know what their followers want and how to give it to them. Working with leaders in your niche can yield benefits in the following areas:

  • Making content that actually means something and that reflects your brand’s values
  • Using hyper-specific demographic targeting
  • Subtle product advertising that fosters a positive company image
  • Attracting and retaining a sizable user base while keeping acquisition costs low

It’s no surprise that 68 percent of firms plan to expand their investment in influencer marketing next year. In addition, there are over 15 million sponsored Instagram posts, which suggests a wide variety of firms are utilising influencer marketing and advertisements.
Fourth, put Instagram ads to use.

Brands may advertise their videos, photos, and other visual material to a wider and more specific audience on Instagram. While organic content promotion is essential, advertising on Instagram is a fast and easy way to boost interaction with your posts. Ads on Instagram, according to reports, can reach a massive audience of 850 million people. Using Instagram advertisements is a great way to boost interaction and sales.

Aim for a high ratio of impressions to actual people reached

How well an audience engages with a brand online is a key indicator of its success in the modern marketplace. Instagram’s impressions and reach are the most important metrics for measuring a post’s or campaign’s level of engagement because they reveal how often its target audience engages with the material. Although they share a name, these measures are not the same.

Let’s separate the two concepts apart.

  • Instagram Impressions: This measures how many times your photo, video, or story has been viewed by Instagram users.
  • Instagram’s Reach is the total number of people that saw your post

Therefore, each user review will be tallied as an impression. If a single user views your content five times, that individual will generate five impressions, but only one reach. When your impressions exceed your reach, you know that people in your target demographic are seeing your content many times.

Conversion Rate Analysis and Monitoring

The conversion rate is the proportion of visitors who complete a desired action (purchase, subscription, etc.). If you’re interested in improving your Instagram growth and strategy, then keeping an eye on this indicator is a must.

Keeping an eye on conversion rates allows you to:

  • Spending can be optimised for internet advertising by removing obstacles.
  • Create effective new Instagram growth techniques that nudge more leads into your sales funnel.
  • Reduce your CPA, or the amount of money you spend to acquire a new customer. The money you’ve saved can be put towards developing innovative advertising strategies.
  • Here’s where Improvado comes in handy; it allows you to monitor the success of your advertising campaigns. The platform provides a consolidated view of campaign-level, audience-level, and channel-level KPIs like conversion rates, CPA, CPM, and more.


In order to attract, engage, and convert customers, businesses have turned to Instagram because 90% of users follow at least one brand there. However, in order to stand out in the abundant competition, an organised Instagram expansion strategy is required. These methods and tools have allowed the majority of the successful brands we’ve discussed in this piece to experience exponential expansion and return on investment.

Using these Instagram growth tactics and tools will provide you a bird’s-eye view of your daily accomplishments while also allowing you to produce top-notch material. Try out several methods of expanding your business and zero in on the ones that provide you the best results for your brand.