Instagram Giveaway Ideas To Boost Your Following

Instagram posts advertising competitions and freebies get an average of 64 times as many comments as non-promotional posts and 3.5 times as many likes. That’s really cool, right? So, if you want more people to follow you on Instagram, a giveaway is a great idea. People will follow you for the potential to win free items if you provide it to them, especially if it’s something they desire. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know to organise a phenomenal Instagram giveaway that everyone will be talking about.

What are the upsides of holding an Instagram contest?

Instagram contests, when executed properly, may boost engagement, serve as a great marketing tool, and introduce you to new consumers.

Hosting an Instagram giveaway may have many positive effects.

Creating interest and discussion about your company; Expanding your client base; Drawing visitors to your website or online store; Strengthening customer relationships and winning over brand champions.
Keep these advantages in mind if you’re thinking of holding an Instagram giveaway. You can make a promotion that helps your business succeed with just a little bit of preparation.

How to Hold a Successful Instagram Contest?

Giving out prizes on Instagram for the first time? How exciting! Please allow us to provide a concise summary of the essentials for organising a successful Instagram contest.

Choose the Award

To begin, you must establish the nature of the incentive you intend to offer. Anything from goods and services to cash to gift cards is fair game. Make sure the reward is something that will interest both your current and ideal Instagram followers. If you want to attract millennials, for instance, you could hand them gift cards to a chain store.

Make Use Of Instagram Contest Layouts

You’ll need a picture for your giveaway post once you’ve settled on a reward. The image you choose to advertise your freebie should be eye-catching and informative. Now, if you want your Instagram posts to stand out from the crowd, use one of the many Instagram giveaway templates available on Simplified.

Make your giveaway post more engaging by using text, graphics, animations, music, and sound effects. Moreover, there is no cost involved.

Consider the Standards for Participation

Consideration of entry requirements is crucial before launching a giveaway. You need to get this correct since it will affect who can and cannot enter your giveaway. After all, without defined standards, selecting a victor can be difficult (and could result in some disgruntled competitors).

Now the question is, what should the requirements be for an Instagram contest?

Think about the end goal of your giveaway. Bring people to your online space? Gain more adherents? When your goals are clear, you may create admission requirements that help you succeed.
Be specific and to-the-point when outlining eligibility requirements. Clearly communicate the entry requirements to ensure maximum participation. People are less inclined to bother with anything if they have to go through a lot of hoops to figure out how to enter it.
Make sure that the requirements for joining are equitable.

Top 3 Instagram Contest Concepts

Try one of these three tried-and-true Instagram giveaway concepts:

Photo Captioning Competition

It’s as simple as sharing an image online and soliciting caption suggestions from your followers. Make sure there is a cutoff time for the submissions.

You may enter by like, commenting, or tagging.
To enter, share a photo or video on social media and encourage viewers to like, comment, or tag a friend.

Win by Reposting!
Instruct your audience to Repost or add it to their Instagram stories.

Random Facts

You may engage your Instagram followers in conversation about your company, goods, or even pop culture with this form of promotion.

Hashtag Competition

Create a trending hashtag that embodies your brand’s values. Then, be careful to specify how to gain access. To increase their chances of winning, contestants can include the designated hashtag in a post to their feed or story.

How to Get the Most Eyeballs on Your Instagram Contest?

Is expanding the scope of your offer a priority? If that’s the case, you may increase the exposure of your gift by taking a few simple steps.

To begin, you should leverage social media. Even though Instagram is where the actual contest takes place, you may still spread the word elsewhere. If you want people to be able to locate your Instagram giveaway, you should create a post about it and share it across all of your social media platforms with the appropriate hashtags. If you want your social media postings to reach a wider audience, you may enhance them or pay to advertise them.

You may also use your website or blog to spread the word about your offer, in addition to social media. Create a blog post advertising the freebie and directing readers to the entry form. One method to accomplish this is to add a banner or widget just for the giveaway. You may also spread the word about your contest by announcing it in online newsletters, message boards, and chat rooms.

Reaching out to related influencers and companies may also help spread the word about your Instagram contest. They may quadruple the amount of people who interact with your content if they share them with their following.