Instagram: How To Use It Effectively For Your Small Business

Instagram has quickly become an indispensable tool for marketing professionals. More than seventy percent of U.S. companies have an Instagram profile, and there are more than twenty-five million of them.

Small company owners may feel overwhelmed by the platform’s learning curve due to the high level of competition. However, studies have shown that it’s worth it to maintain an Instagram profile. Because its audience consists of:

  • Instagram’s 2.3% interaction rate is 10 times higher than Facebook’s.
  • 34 of Instagram users do the desired action when prompted.
  • Eighty percent of Instagram users follow at least one business profile.
  • If you want to get the most out of Instagram, this article will show you how to create an account and tweak its settings to your benefit. Successful content publishing techniques will also be discussed.

Maximize the Potential of Your Instagram Company Page

Your account is now live and operational, but you need to do a bit more groundwork before you can begin planning your tactics. To get the most out of your profile, follow these guidelines:

Introduction and brief biography

Instagram doesn’t provide a lot of room for businesses to promote themselves or describe what they do. In a tweet of 150 characters or less, you should give potential customers an idea of who you are as a company, what you do, and why they should stop by your website or physical location.

At first, you could go to the website of your company. However, if your audience grows, you may opt to shift your focus. After all, your fans have probably heard of your website before.

In fact, some of the most successful companies I know of update this link several times a week. Use this area to direct people to your most recent blog post, campaign, or other notable material like a product page, giving both new and long-time followers a location to start learning about your company.

Photo for profile

One of the more straightforward areas for improvement. A company logo works well.

Here, pixels are the only thing that matters. Your logo image should be resized so that it fits in a 110x110px by 320px square. Verify that Instagram has not removed any of your logo throughout the cropping process.

Advantages of a Business Profile

Do you recall that we discussed the additional options available to company profiles? It is time to begin investigating them now.

Extra information about the company, such as email, phone, and physical address fields are provided here. Please include as much detail as you can in each of the fields below.

Assigning a “category” to your business profile is one way to improve your company’s visibility to social media users. Consider researching your main competitors and the industries in which they operate.

The call to action buttons on your page are among its most crucial elements. Followers may make phone calls, schedule appointments, make reservations, and more with the help of these buttons. In your profile, under “Contact Options,” you may insert a call-to-action button.

Prepare a plan of action.

Once you’ve finished setting up your Instagram profile, it’s time to start thinking about how to use the platform to promote your brand. Whatever your objective, try these strategies out.

The first step is to decide what you want to accomplish.

To what end are you using Instagram? Do you want to grow your audience, strengthen your connections, or increase your business’s revenue? With clear goals in mind, you can more effectively organise your content and advertising efforts.

Second, establish a regular blogging routine.

Making a schedule for your Instagram posts is a good idea. Regular updates are appreciated by your followers, so don’t let your account go dormant by setting up a posting schedule.

It’s also possible that you may benefit from tweaking when you publish new material. Under the “Audience” page on Instagram, you’ll discover the “Insights” section, where you may learn when your followers are most active.

Third, know your target market.

You shouldn’t just keep tabs on your followers’ activity levels; you should also get to know them personally. The people who follow you on Instagram might not be the same people who follow you on Facebook.

With Instagram Insights, you can discover details about your customers’ locations and ages. To better meet the demands of your target audience, consider doing this.

Fourth, make some pictures.

Instagram’s visual-only content sets it apart from other media and platforms.

However, not all businesses have an easy time coming up with images. Display your wares with pride whether you own a restaurant or a furniture shop. While some companies’ visual identities may be immediately apparent, others may need to look a bit more.

Some companies give their page a unified look by applying the same filter or colour scheme to all of their posts. Lightroom is a well-liked picture editing application. Finding out what kind of information your audience finds most interesting requires some experimentation.

Fifth, add impressive subtitles to your photos.

Your postings will have more character with a clever caption. Even though Instagram is mostly a visual medium, you can still establish your brand’s identity with the captions you provide. Posing a question as a way to solicit responses is another option.

Locate your tribe.

Any company, no matter how little, should make an attempt to cultivate an Instagram profile. The platform is incredibly effective at capturing the voice, personality, and aesthetics of your brand and achieving marketing goals, but it does take some fine-tuning.

To better understand your clientele and connect with more of Instagram’s active (and devoted) users, invest time and energy into expanding your company presence. The more effort you put into anything, the more you receive out of it.