Instagram Best Practices: All You Need To Know

Over 13% of the global population has reported having an Instagram account, and 80% of those account holders claim they actively follow companies, making Instagram a cornerstone of social media marketing. With an engagement rate of 4%, Instagram is 10 times more effective than Facebook and 84 times more effective than Twitter.

Because of this, a lot of companies are banking on Instagram’s popularity. However, without proper understanding of the medium, brands often struggle to find their footing. This manual will educate you on the inner workings of the Instagram app, the significance of adhering to best practises, and the means by which to guarantee the virality of your material.

Explain Instagram

Instagram is a free mobile software that allows users to share photos and videos on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. Those who have the app can post media, interact with others through likes and shares, private message, and comments. Stories you make will only appear on your profile for a day. Instagram accounts are available to everyone above the age of 13.

Just why is Instagram so useful?

You can increase your following, make more sales, and strengthen relationships with customers by using Instagram. You only need a smartphone and a service package to get started, so it’s fast and simple to use.

How does Instagram function?

Instagram relies heavily on visual material, which is why it has become so popular. Instagram, in contrast to social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, is solely focused on visual content in the form of images and videos.

A photo you publish will appear in your followers’ feeds, where they can interact with it in various ways. Your post will appear higher in your followers’ feeds and be considered more “relevant” the more likes and comments it receives. The success of an Instagram account depends heavily on this algorithm.
As part of its most recent algorithm upgrade, Instagram revealed in July 2018 that three primary ranking elements contribute impact the algorithm and who sees your posts:

User history: A user who frequently interacted with your previous material is more likely to see your new content.
Interactions with other accounts provide an indicator of user interest. If the user follows comparable accounts to yours, they will most likely keep seeing your updates.
Instagram may have eliminated the chronological timeline, but the timing of your posts is still important. Newer posts appear higher in the feed, while archived ones appear lower.

What are the benefits of adhering to Instagram’s guidelines?

Due to the complexity of Instagram and its algorithm, several resources have been compiled to help you get the most out of your marketing initiatives on the platform. Review these recommendations and best practises and implement the ones that make the most sense for your company. Instagram is a visual platform, so if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can struggle to get seen.

What are the most effective uses of Instagram?

Putting forth the time and effort to accomplish things properly on Instagram is crucial. Considering you need to satisfy both the algorithm and your fans, this could determine your fate.

Put yourself in the greatest position to succeed by adopting these 5 guidelines.

Always update your blog

If a user sees your account in their feed, you don’t want them to be curious about who you are. Avoid this by committing to a regular posting schedule.

Keeping your feed consistently refreshed and relevant with just one or two updates per day is optimal, according to the research.

Don’t spam the board

Making several posts with the same set of photographs is a common Instagram faux pas. This comes out as antiquated and annoying to users, who will see each photo in their feeds and question why you didn’t just upload them all at once.

Post no more than once or twice daily, and give great consideration to each entry.

Third, make sure everything you publish is high-quality and relevant to your brand.
Instagram prioritises quality over quantity. Think carefully about what you want to post and why. What does this have to do with your product? How interested and pleased will your audience be? What function does it play for your company? Instagram statistics allow you to know which posts were most popular with your followers.

Narrate some tales

Because Instagram is so popular now, it’s simple to discern when a person or brand is “doing it for the ‘gramme” rather than because they have anything meaningful to say. Use visuals, audio, and text to tell your story and find common ground with your target audience. When your audience can relate to your material on an emotional level, they are more inclined to actively participate and spread your message.

To sum up, familiarise yourself with your brand

You need to be an expert on your brand if you want to sell it. As with any social media app, Instagram has its own culture and etiquette, and understanding how your business fits into that culture should be an integral part of your first marketing strategy.

Pick your hashtags carefully

It’s vital to learn which hashtags work for you and your brand because they can determine whether or not your post is seen by more people. Your postings may get lost in the sea of millions of others if you choose overly general or popular hashtags like #holiday or #fashion. Instead, make use of brand or industry-specific hashtags that people can quickly search for and that will set your content apart from the rest.