How To Get Verification Badge On Instagram?

Instagram influencers, celebrities, and business owners that use the platform take pride in the blue checkmark that indicates they have been verified. This article is for you if you’re thinking about obtaining it, or if you’re just curious about the pros and cons.

Instagram’s “verified” badge: what does it mean?

You’ve probably noticed the blue checkmark next to the user names of accounts you’re following on Instagram more than once. If an account displays the verified badge, it means it is an authentic profile of a company, famous person, or influential person.

For example, supporters may often make many “fan pages” using the same account. The blue tick is a visual cue that an account is legitimate and should not be confused with a phoney.

Additionally, people will have more faith in an Instagram account if it displays the verification symbol. The administrators of the social network restrict access to only those users whose profiles fulfil their standards.

Instagram’s requirements for getting verified

Instagram used to hand-pick which profiles received the verified badge. Then, beginning on August 28, 2018, users can initiate a request to verify their accounts. Instagram accounts that the Instagram administrator believes match numerous criteria are awarded blue checkmarks.

Authenticity. Instagram accounts can only be “verified” if they belong to legitimate businesses, organisations, or individuals.
Uniqueness. There is a strict limit of one verified Instagram account per individual. The focus should be on what makes this person or product unique. For example, if you try to earn the badge by advertising a page full of cat memes, the platform will reject your request.
Completeness. You should polish your profile’s appearance and bio before submitting your verification request. Include a photo, a full bio, and a sufficient number of posts in your profile. Maintain high levels of activity on your account while you wait for the blue badge to show Instagram that you care about your content and your audience. Keep in mind that you need to make your profile public.
Notability. Get active on your other social media accounts; they may play a role in Instagram’s authentication process. The number of times you’ve been mentioned in various publications speaks volumes about how well-liked you are.

How to Get Instagram Verification in 6 Easy Steps

You may get down to business and submit a request for Instagram page verification once you’re confident that your account fits the standards.

  • First, log onto Instagram and visit your page. Select a menu by clicking the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • Start by selecting Preferences.
  • Select Account when it is located.
  • Afterward, press the Verification button.
  • Complete the form below. In the Document type dropdown, choose an ID that verifies who you are.
  • When requesting Instagram verification, it’s important to use your full name. If your profile is for a public figure, you only need to provide your first and last names. If you manage an account for a company or other group, please include the full name of the person in whose name the account is held.

If you have a personal account, you can verify your identity by providing a driver’s licence, passport, or national identification card. Include documents such as a tax return, power bill, or articles of incorporation to provide context for your company’s biography.

Expert suggestions for obtaining an Instagram account verification badge

In addition to Instagram’s own requirements, we’ll also go through some of our own suggestions for passing the verification process.

Avoid putting in Twitter or YouTube links. Your Instagram account will not be confirmed. You are welcome to include a link to your own website or landing page.
Genuinely expanding your fan base is possible when. If you want to gain followers on Instagram, you need to post content that interests Instagram users. Pick just the truthful path. Don’t resort to utilising bots or other automated systems to boost your fan base.
Don’t waste your money trying to get Instagram verified. Do not provide money to anyone who contacts you over Instagram, claiming to work there and able to verify your account in exchange for a fee.
Don’t lose hope if Instagram’s verification process doesn’t go as planned and you don’t receive the coveted blue badge. Improve brand recall, content originality, and repeat requests by working on these areas. After a month, you can resubmit your work.

Utilise hash tags. Hashtags are a helpful tool on Instagram. They increase the number of people who will see your posts. As a result, your page’s metrics will improve and your follower count will rise. Your chances of having your Instagram account verified go up as its popularity develops.

Instagram’s Verification Page

Getting Instagram verification requires a professional approach to page management and user engagement.

You should also give some thought to a bio tool and the aesthetic aspects of your content. Unfortunately, Instagram only permits one link per profile. The good news is that Taplink is here to help.

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Closing Remarks

Don’t rest easy till that blue checkmark appears. Instagram verification is not the final goal. Opportunities to build your brand and your influence on social media are just getting started.

If you want Instagram users to follow you without question after you have the verified badge, you’ll need to work even harder on the quality of your posts. Avoid making your profile look too amateurish by, for example, posting photographs accompanied by emojis instead of actual text.