How To Build Your Brand Social Media Marketing Strategy?

If you want people to buy your stuff, sign up for your newsletter, agree with your point of view, or even just like you, you need to introduce yourself first.

The credibility of your brand is what will ultimately convince people to take any of these steps, and social media is a great tool for increasing that credibility. Econsultancy found that 71% of brands want to increase their social media spending next year in an effort to attract new customers and strengthen their online reputations.

Prioritize joining platforms that enhance, rather than detract from, your brand’s reputation

Convince and Convert claims that 22% of all Americans use social media daily, making it a prime platform for expanding your brand’s reach. There are hundreds of social networks to choose from, but the vast majority of them aren’t worth your time.
Find instead the channels that complement your brand identity by thinking about the following:
Nearly three quarters of American adults are Facebook users, making it the best platform by far for raising brand recognition. Due to its diverse user base, Facebook is ideal for advertising any product or service.

Instagram is a fantastic platform for visual businesses like fashion designers and stores. Particularly effective at reaching young adults, Hispanics, and African-Americans.
Two-thirds of Google+ members are men, and the vast majority of them work in engineering or other technical professions, making it a perfect platform to target men in the technology industry despite the network’s slow start.
For businesses in the fashion or jewelry industries, Pinterest is a great place to connect with female consumers.
Finally, if you run a B2B company, LinkedIn is your best bet for showcasing industry-specific information and making connections with other corporate influencers.

Make things that other people will want to talk about and share

It should go without saying, but if you focus on providing helpful material that people will want to share, rather than cranking out content to satisfy arbitrary publishing schedules or that covers issues only you’d want to read, you’ll build a much better brand reputation.

When creating material for social media, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Every piece of material you release should strengthen the reputation of your company. Keep in mind that wit isn’t always easy to display. Memes have the potential to become strong brand-building tools if used correctly. If you can’t tell for sure how your target demographic will perceive your brand, it’s best not to risk a negative association by resorting to clickbait tactics like meme creation.
  • Learn which of your posts will get the most attention on social media. You won’t know if images are more effective than blog posts in engaging your readers unless you analyze the numbers.
  • Observing the types of posts that have been effective for competitors and creating your own, improved versions is a simple technique to generate material for deployment on social media profiles that will boost brand building efforts.

Utilize opinion leaders

Putting out great material on your social media pages is a necessary step, but it’s not the only one. Your message is probably getting lost in the shuffle if your company is somewhat unknown. It will take time to cultivate your own audience through the production of excellent content.

Using the established networks of influential people in your field can help you reach your goals much more quickly. There are a few options for accomplishing this:

  • Include a mention of them or a link to their webpage in your writing. After publication, your work will be visible to influencers who have Google Alerts or similar notifications set up on their names.
  • If you share something on social media and mention a particular influencer, be sure to tag them.
  • Send an email to key opinion leaders after you’ve published your material to draw their attention to the fact that you’ve cited them.
  • All of these steps are designed to increase the likelihood that they will share your content with their social network. It may take some time to establish the connections that result in influencer sharing, but your perseverance and dedication to providing high-quality content will be rewarded.

Promote your content using social media campaigns

Finally, remember that in an era of dwindling organic reach, paid initiatives — especially those executed through native advertising platforms — may be one of your best options for constructing your brand on social media.

More and more companies are finding that social media contests and other marketing activities are effective ways to increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

Take advantage of this phenomenon by giving your audience something of value in exchange for their participation in your campaigns, and by making sure that everyone who joins in gets something out of it.
While social networking is a great tool for expanding your reach and finding new customers, improper use may waste your time and make you unpopular. Because of this, a solid social media strategy is crucial.

Your efforts to raise your brand’s awareness will pay off in the long run if you make it a priority to regularly distribute high-quality content and tap into the reach of established social media influencers.