Up and Coming Phu Quoc


First Time Travelers

First time travelers often find themselves situated in crowds of tourists, waiting in line for hours to see and do the same thing that everyone else is seeing and doing. Finding that one precious undiscovered gem is a rare gift now-a-days. Phu Quoc is, for now anyway, one of those places. A wonderful new eco tourist location, you’ll have the chance to explore virgin forests and find yourself intimidated by the historical Coconut Tree Prison (still in operation today).

Hotels and Resorts

Something for Everyone

  • Budget
  • Mid-range
  • Luxury

Budget Travelers

Backpackers and individual travelers often choose to spend as little as they can on accommodation. These guys travel for the adventure more than for the rest. Phu Quoc Island, located in the Gulf of Thailand is about 45 kilometers from mainland Vietnam. Arrival on the island can be done by air or by sea. Whichever you prefer. The island offers a wide array of budget hotels and resorts, even with beach view. Prices range from 25$ to 80$ a night, depending on what you need. A cute bungalow on a hill overlooking the sea at Bo Resort can start as low as 25$, and give you a real authentic tropical island experience.


Mid-Range Resorts

The mid-range resorts on Phu Quoc start at some of the higher end budget prices and offer more amenities and services. As low as 70$ a night you can have access to swimming pools, tennis courts and amazing views of Cambodia. There is so much to choose from here, that picking the right vacation resort will be your first Vietnamese adventure!

Luxury Locations

The innumerable amount of budget and mid-range hotel and resort options on Phu Quoc make way for  some of the more luxurious locations. The island boasts 3 beautiful luxury resorts that offer you everything from fine dining to fully furnished homes complete with maid and driver.  Guaranteed to pay upwards of 200$ a night and more, you will get everything you can imagine and more.

Luxury Resorts

  • La Veranda
  • Chen Sea Resort and Spa
  • Phong Lan Villa


La Veranda

This beautiful colonial mansion surrounded by lush green gardens offers you all the luxury of a 4 star resort. Owned and operated by Accor Hotels you are sure to get the best beds, just as if you were back in the states!

Chen Sea Resort and Spa

Another amazing destination for all of your traveling companions. The Chen Sea Resort offers everything from kids clubs and babysitting services to watersports like kayaking. A popular wedding location, chances are you’ll have the pleasure of witnessing a beautiful Vietnamese wedding party first hand, providing you with just a touch more of authenticity to your vacation.

Phong Lan Villa

Phong Lan Villa is so exclusive, it is virtually impossible to find any information about it. In short, it is a private villa that offers 6 bedrooms, a maid service, a cook and a private beach. Have you ever dreamed of living the Hollywood life style? Phong Lan Villa is the place to go, if you can find it.

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