Things you didn’t know about the members of Judas Priest


MTV named this Birmingham, England heavy metal band the second greatest metal band of all time. They’ve since sold over 45 million albums since they were formed back in 1969. How much do you know about the most iconic members of the group? Let’s find out, shall we?

Ian Hill


 Ian came into the world on January 20, 1951. As the only remaining original member, he learned how to pay double bass from his father, who passed away when he was only 15 years old. As the bassist for the band, he was known for originally opting out of using a pick while playing, he apparently liked using his fingers instead, but when he feels the need to “attack” the song, he’ll use a pick. Ian recruited Rob Halford as the band’s new vocalist, a man he met through his then girlfriend whom he later married and divorced. As a long time played of Spector basses, the company introduced an Ian Hill signature bass guitar in his honor.

Rob Halford

 Armed with strong and powerful vocal chords, Rob Halford is the lead vocalist for Judas Priest. His voice has been hailed as being super flexible, flawlessly switching from a growl to a falsetto. He made history in 1998 during an interview with MTV when he came out as a gay man, making him the first openly gay singer in the heavy music genre. Formerly a cinema manager and a part of the band Hiroshima, he released his first album with the band in 1974. Although he has different houses in San Diego, Amsterdam and Walsall in England, he currently calls Phoenix, Arizona home.

Glenn Tipton

 Born on October 25, 1947, Glenn’s mother first taught him how to play the piano before he learning how to play the guitar at age 19. As one of Judas Priest’s lead guitarists, he’s popular for his complex way of playing plus his outstanding solos which are heavily influenced by classical music. He released two solo albums: ‘Baptizm of Fire’ in 1997 and ‘Edge of the World’ in 2006 as well as appeared as a guest musician on a few other albums. While Glenn left Judas Priest in 1992, they later reunited and released two albums in 2005 and 2008.

Scott Travis


Most commonly known as the American drummer from the group, Scott was born in Norflok, Viriginia on September 6, 1961. It’s always been his dream to become part of the group. As a young teen, he would play in a parking lot hoping the band would notice him. It wasn’t until Dave Holland left the group that the opportunity arose. He auditioned and officially made his lifelong dream come true. One interesting tidbit: he’s ambidextrous, which allows him to play with either hands, depending on his mood.

Richie Faulkner

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 A New Year’s Day baby, Richie was born in London when the clock switched from 1979 to 1980. He was the replacement guitarist to K.K. Downing on April 20, 2011. Of all places, the band’s performance was American Idol on May 25, 2011. He’s also played in other bands including Dirty Deeds, Voodoo Six, Ace Mafia and Lauren Harris’ band. Richie has worked on two Judas Priest albums since joining the group.

With 17 albums under their belt and the last being released in 2014, the band has seen numerous faces join and leave the group, however, their legacy has remained constant. While their 1982 album, ‘Screaming for Vengeance’ stands as the band’s best-selling album, others would argue that ‘British Steel’ helped cement and define heavy metal.

This blog dives into the world of heavy metal music. The type that young, angry teenagers love to put on full blast or any self-respecting adult may opt in for if they’re having a bad day.

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