Teach Your Kids to Love to Travel


Take them to Vietnam

To an adventurous parent, it seems like a great adventure traveling with children. Traveling all the way around the world to Vietnam might seem a little daunting, even to the most adventurous types. That is just it though, this tiny little country has everything children love.  Vietnam is full of fairy-tales, dragons, and princesses. Vietnam is the perfect place to teach your little jet-setters the value of culture, and the beauty of just how sundry our beautiful little world is. If you and your kids are the lazy kind of travelers or the adventurous type, Vietnam is the place to go!

Best  Lazy Days Kid Friendly Resorts

  • Sunrise Premium Resort Hoi An
  • InterContinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort

Sunrise Premium Resort Hoi An

This is a great resort for the lazy traveler types as it has everything you’ll need on site. In theory you do not even need to leave the grounds of the resort. Located ON THE BEACH (!) and complete with pools, restaurants and a kids animation team this resort has it all. All the way down to the babysitter for those evenings when the traveling adults just want to spend a night out on the town. It is possible to take great day trips with the kids, should you desire to venture out off of the hotel grounds.  Close enough to Jack Tran’s Ecotours that you’ll still be home with time to lounge in the spa as the kids enjoy yet another Children’s Disco!


InterContinental Da Nang Sun Peninsula Resort

The InterContinental is one of the more expensive resorts we’ve talked about yet. It is also a beach front resort, meaning your kids will get to enjoy looking out the bedroom window and seeing the breathtaking sea views. Located in the hills of “Monkey Mountain” there are certainly many stories to be told at bedtime. This is another hotel that is perfect for just hanging around. There are swimming pools, tennis courts and of course Wi-Fi. Go for an adventure on Son Tra Mountain or spend your day on the beach, all your vacationing needs will be met at this beautiful child friendly beachfront resort.

Best  Active Kid Friendly Resort

  • Alba Hot Springs Resort

Alba Hot Springs Resort

This pet and child friendly hotel is a hidden gem tucked away along the Men Ya Mountain.  Situated on a natural hot spring you have the opportunity to not only teach your children about geothermally heated ground water, but you can show them. Even the most adventurous travelers take a rest once in a while and this is the place to do it.  Located in Hue this is an excellent place for day trips to Hue Imperial City, Thien Mu Pagoda and the Forbidden Purple City. Take your children out, show them the culture, the colors, the vibrancy of this rich, exotic culture. Your kids will thank you when they’ve grown.

Teach your kids to love travel, take them to Vietnam.


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