It’s a Ham Tien Sandwich


Mui Ne

Touring Mui Ne

Tucked away on the coast between two lovely towns and a part of the beach district is the quaint fishing village of Ham Tien, referred to by tourists as Mui Ne ( which is actually the fishing town to the east of Ham Tien). The area contains both cities and villages making it a diverse location for any beginning traveler.


Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien)

Local travelers and international travelers alike flock to the fairy stream, with a colorful red rock wall on one side of the stream. This is one of the most googled attractions of the area and if you listen to what visitors have to say, then this isn’t worth your precious time on this epic trip of a lifetime. Polluted with trash and cow dung, this poorly managed tourist trap will have you walking for half an hour wondering what in the world you’re doing here. Skip it.

People, people everywhere

It would seem that everywhere you go in Vietnam there are hordes of people, locals and tourists. Once in a while though it can feel so good to sit alone on a beach and soak it all in, the sun, the sand, the wind and waves, as if it was yours and yours alone. Nuoc Suoi Beach is just 16 km up the coast, anywhere you stop along this beautiful white sand strip is virtually devoid of crowds and tourists. The perfect place for absorbing everything, and getting the best authentic, local food.


Get out and Go

One of the more popular methods of transportation for tourists on the island are motorbikes. Speeding through mountain roads along the coast, sea breeze in your hair leave the tourist strip behind and get out into nature. Be wary though, it is required by law to have an international driver’s license for tourists visiting the country. Should you be stopped while driving without one expect to pay a hefty fine!

If you are a bit sporty, you could also rent a bike. Enjoy much needed exercise while on your own special HPV ( human powered vehicle), and when in doubt, take a taxi. Sure to get you where you need to go without costing an arm and a leg.


How to Get Around

  • Bicycle
  • Taxi
  • Motorbike

Mui Ne

Fast becoming a world class location for kite surfers, Mui Ne is a great place to see. The beautiful round basket boats bobbing on the water, or colorful kites flying through the air along the white sandy coastline are sure to stimulate the creative travelers imagination. Take a jeep tour of the red and white sand dunes, take post card style pictures of Mui Ne village at sunset. Should you aim to beat the crowds take a low season trip between May and September, the prices will be better during these months as well. The best time to travel here is from October until the end of March if you are traveling for the fantastic kite surfing of Mui Ne.


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