Find Romance Nestled Quietly In The Mekong Delta


Best Fairy-Tale Resorts for Couples

Sandy Beaches, palm trees, a cool sea breeze and blue skies that go on for an eternity. Lazy days spent rolling in gentle waves, sun kissed skin and windblown hair. These days often seem best spent with someone you love, looking longingly into their eyes over a glass of wine; or laughing over exotic cuisine of the faraway place your experiencing together for the first time, or maybe even for the 100th, this is the kind of romance we long for when traveling with the love of our lives.

I would not have thought, that Vietnam was the place to go for romance, then I started reading and an entire world opened up for me.

Top 3 Resorts for Lovers in Vietnam

  • Mango Bay Resort
  • Pilgrimage Village
  • Mekong Lodge

Mango Bay Resort

Mango Bay  Resort jumps out because of the quaint, authentic atmosphere it offers. Located on Phu Quoc Island this adorable little hotel will keep you lounging in a hammock by the sea without any concern for your mobile phone or internet connection ( there is Wi-Fi just in case you need to stay connected). The hotel doesn’t offer much in the way of amenities, but who needs them when you can walk out of your room and step onto the beach? Vietnams first truly eco-friendly resort offers you a real traditional “outdoor Vietnamese way of living experience” with their open sea views and mosquito nets. Best of all? The prices are great!

Pilgirmage  Village

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a week nestled between the trees and just pampering yourself and your lover? I know I have. Pligrimage Village is the perfect place for that! The pools outside, and giant bathtubs inside. So much space for just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Isn’t that what romance is all about? Good food, good laughs, great smiles and an atmosphere to remember forever. The staff at the Village will make sure you get all those things and more. Go to the gym, go for a walk, or for a swim; whatever tickles your fancy. Whatever you do, you are certain to enjoy the beautiful spacious rooms at this lovely little boutique hotel.


Mekong Lodge

This! So very much of this please! Bungalows with thatched roofs on the Mekong Delta. It’s like a dream! This fabulous little picturesque hotel is to die for. Ignored by modernization this romantic getaway is the perfect place for you to enjoy romantics days in the wild green that is the pure nature of Vietnam. A simple hotel, with beautiful rooms, Wi-Fi and a pool to name some of the amenities offered, it is located in a history and culture rich environment. Visit the Cai Be Floating Market or the Mekong Rustic Garden, whatever you do while you’re here, spend your days lounging in the heat and falling in love, with each other and this beautiful little country.


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