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This blog dives into the world of heavy metal music. The type that young, angry teenagers love to put on full blast or any self-respecting adult may opt in for if they’re having a bad day. Heavy metal has influenced many of today’s musicians and we take a look at those legends who first defined the genre and those who followed to perfect it to the music that we know today.

Of course there’s a spotlight on the pioneers of this head banging music style including Iron Maiden, Metallica and Black Sabbath. These three have undeniably not only given birth to the unique way of singing or playing instruments especially this niche, but each have also cemented their rightful spots in history, and in some cases, Hall of Fame status. These posts look at unique angles at the bands’ achievements and the marks they’ve made in music history.

Take for example the post on Iron Maiden – it’s a quick look at their 16 albums while we outline facts on the Grammy Awards that Metallica’s won over the span of their career. If you keep reading, we switch gears to getting to know the former members of Black Sabbath while getting to know the current members of Judas Priest. You’ll get to learn some of the many awards that Linkin Park has won so far and we’ve got some unknown facts on the five albums that Slipknot released. Avenged Sevenfold has some interesting facts that you should also learn about and we take a look at Pantera’s musical journey from the very beginning to its tragic end.

I’m pretty sure that even if you considered yourself a die-hard fanatic of any of these bands, there are a few things that I can guarantee you didn’t know before. It gives new profound appreciation for their music once you find out what these bands have gone through. By the same light, learning about their members, new or existing, it also shows the struggles and triumph each of them have had to endure in order to keep doing what they loved doing – producing music they loved to write and perform for their fans.

When we blast music in our ears, we often take things for granted – especially these days where we can just search for a song and easily play it. You’ll come to learn that while it may be this easy for us as fans, members of these bands haven’t always had the easiest time to produce the music we so enjoy listening to. Learning about their awards and team dynamics could perhaps put that extra love for these bands which you may not have been aware of.

Like many other types of music that exist today, these bands collectively contribute, and in some cases, pioneered this specific genre. It’s these early rockers who have helped shape each other and future generations of heavy metal music bands. Once you’re done reading all these posts, take a listen to your favorite songs from these bands and I bet you anything you’ll have a new perspective on their songs.