A Thousand Reasons to Go to


Vietnam                                                                                          And when you think you’ve found them all, here are a million more.

Doc Let Beach

18 km’s of pearly white beaches that are guaranteed to mesmerize you and crystal clear, shallow waters that will have you bobbing your days away in the bay.  That is Doc Let Beach.


Whale Island Resort

Legend has it Jacque Cousteau learned to dive on Whale Island, when you see the island, you’ll understand why. The island has nothing except one resort. Whale Island Resort with its 32 bungalows, restaurant and dive shop are all you’ll need to spend a week or more in this beautiful marine reserve. The bamboo bungalows are simple and rustic, though they do have their own showers and toilets. Who needs luxury anyway, when your only a few steps away from the sea.

This is not a resort designed four lounging at the pool all day. It is not a resort designed where service is the selling point. This is a place you go to for the place itself. It is the place you go to for the Robinson Crusoe in all of us.


Classic Vietnam

We have all heard stories and seen movies about this raw countryside and resilient peoples. Thatched roofs, basket boats and motorbikes. Doc Let will put a dent in your wallet, and a whole in your heart. It is a place for backpackers, and lovers Vietnamese and Expats. Doc Let gives you tourism at its finest, and it gives you effortless, classic Vietnam.

Day Trippers or Whole Trippers

There are many  tour operators who offer you a wide selection of day tours to Doc Let Beach, as it is one of Vietnams most famous beaches. Make it a must stop on your first trip to Vietnam. If you have more time, spend a whole trip here. The diving and snorkeling is well worth it.

Kayaking or Parasailing

Whatever your pleasure is, this beach has enough activates to share.  Rent a kayak or a parasail and hit the water for the day. The calm waters will make the experience suitable for newbies, and the views are worth the price alone.

Beach Bungalow or Hotel Room

The amazing white beach of Doc Let deserve to have you as a guest for at least one night. White Sand Resort and Spa offer you amazing little bungalows on the beach.  For a bit more luxury head to Some Days of Silence and take in the amazing waterfalls and the beautiful silence of the forest.


Vietnamese Beach Resorts at Their Best

There are more reasons to go to Vietnam than anyone can count. The culture, the food, the resorts and the diving are just a few of the things that spring to mind. The truth is that Vietnam will find you lost in the crowd or isolated on a sandy beach. It will steal your heart and break your budget if you let it. Vietnam is a dream, where beach resorts shine so brightly you will never want to leave.

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