A Little Piece of Heaven and A Private Pool


The Number 1 Luxury Resort of Vietnam


There are luxury hotels, and then there is FUSION MAIA.  This new, all villa resort is situated in the deep, lush green gardens of Da Nang. Each one of the 80 private villas are complete with their own private swimming pool.  On top of the utmost of tranquility offered by this visually enthralling hotel, it is also very possibly the world’s first All-Spa-Inclusive Resort.  Yes, you read that right. All-Spa- Inclusive. Unique to the luxury world, FUSION MAIA offers its guests two full spa treatments daily. (Of course, they are included in the price of the villa, and what a price that is! Rates start around 350$ a night!) We just love the “breakfast anywhere, anytime concept”. If you are one of those lucky travelers who is not budget conscious FUSION MAIA is a must on your bucket list.


Unique Services

  • Private Villa/Pool
  • All Inclusive Spa Treatments
  • Breakfast Anywhere, Anytime

Private Villas

FUSION MAIA boasts 80 different private  Pool Villas. All of them with, as the name suggests, their own private swimming pool. Each one of these lovely little retreats is chic and lavish in its simplicity. Available in both one, and two bedroom versions the pool villa is perfect for lovers and friends alike. Should you find that your own private Pool Villa isn’t exclusive enough for you, you could enjoy your stay in one of the 4 Spa Villas. Each of the Spa Villas are located directly next to the Spa and offer 2 bedrooms, a dining room and a spacious living area, and of course a private swimming pool. If neither of these options suit you, there is one last fabulous option. FUSION MIAS is proud of their 2 exclusive, deluxe Beach Villas. The fantastic beach front villas each have a private pool, 3 bedrooms,  and stunning views of ocean. Perfect for a group, or on your own. It is, after all, all about spoiling yourself silly.

All Inclusive Spa Treatments

We’ve all heard of All- Inclusive resorts, the kind where all the food and drinks you want are available almost 24 hours a day. Well, FUSION MAIA has taken it one step further. They offer their guests 2 complimentary spa treatments daily for the duration of their visit. Full treatments, not the 10 minutes so you’ll book more kind.

Complete with:

  • 16 treatment rooms,
  • 2 beauty salons
  • Steam rooms
  • Saunas
  • Private Jacuzzis
  • Yoga Studio

The best bit? It is all set to the backdrop of a breathtaking tropical waterfall; you really will never want to leave. Lifestyle Consultants and the Natural Living Program are available to help those who may also wish to learn just a little  bit more about living their best possible lives.

Breakfast Anywhere, Anytime

As if all this awesomeness wasn’t enough, the guys at FUSION MAIA asked themselves how they could make all this luxury just that much more exquisite. That is how they came up with the “Breakfast Anywhere, Anytime” concept. Wherever you are, anytime of the day, they will hand deliver you fresh breakfast. Breakfast in bed at 8am? No problem. Breakfast on the beach at 3 pm? No problem. All you have to do is ask. The staff at FUSION MAIA is there to serve you.

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