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It’s a Ham Tien Sandwich

Mui Ne Touring Mui Ne Tucked away on the coast between two lovely towns and a part of the beach district is the quaint fishing village of Ham Tien, referred to by tourists as Mui Ne ( which is actually the fishing town to the east of Ham Tien). The area contains both cities and […]

Magical Mystery in Vietnam

Nha Trang Pagoda or Booze Cruise? There are resort islands all around the world. The astute global traveler knows the best resort locations offer something for everyone. So for the beginning jetsetter, that is something to keep in mind when choosing your first vacation resort. That is also exactly the thing that makes Nha Trang […]

Find Romance Nestled Quietly In The Mekong Delta

Best Fairy-Tale Resorts for Couples Sandy Beaches, palm trees, a cool sea breeze and blue skies that go on for an eternity. Lazy days spent rolling in gentle waves, sun kissed skin and windblown hair. These days often seem best spent with someone you love, looking longingly into their eyes over a glass of wine; […]

Up and Coming Phu Quoc

First Time Travelers First time travelers often find themselves situated in crowds of tourists, waiting in line for hours to see and do the same thing that everyone else is seeing and doing. Finding that one precious undiscovered gem is a rare gift now-a-days. Phu Quoc is, for now anyway, one of those places. A […]

Bucket list: Vietnam

Best All Around Resorts All hotel and resort owners are going to tell you theirs is the best! More often than not, the reality seems to bring with it a kind of disappointment when the resort isn’t able to live up to the expectations set by the advertising. The truth is that the best advertising […]

A Little Piece of Heaven and A Private Pool

The Number 1 Luxury Resort of Vietnam FUSION MAIA There are luxury hotels, and then there is FUSION MAIA.  This new, all villa resort is situated in the deep, lush green gardens of Da Nang. Each one of the 80 private villas are complete with their own private swimming pool.  On top of the utmost […]

Interesting facts about Iron Maiden’s 16 albums

Whether this blog will serve as a stroll down memory lane or the discovery of albums you didn’t know exist before reading this, one thing’s for sure. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be as close to an Iron Maiden fanatic as possible! Here’s a rundown of all the albums the English band has […]

9 facts behind Metallica’s Grammy Awards

Trick question: do you know how many Grammy Awards Metallica has under their belt? *wink* Here’s mixed list of both songs and albums which the Heavy Metal Gods have won awards for. If you’re a fanatic, then you’ll know these songs and albums but if you’re a Metallica newbie, here’s some facts you may find […]